About Me

Hi, I’m Cat and I live in beautiful, sunny (and hot!) Arizona with my husband T, son T Jr. and daughter M. We are a family that loves to spend time outdoors doing things like camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, and hunting.

T and I met in elementary school, and after an extended time apart we began dating and found we share a common interest in the outdoors. We spent much of our time outside in different areas of the state, and occasionally ventured into surrounding states as well. Eventually, we married and our family grew! Of course, we want to instill our values into our children and so we load them up into the truck and head off to our next adventure!

I created this site to help other people and families find fun, inexpensive activities to spend time outdoors. I review campsites, hiking trails, gear, firearms, and I help make sense of regulations, land types and uses, and applicable laws and restrictions. I want azcamplife.com to help families get outside and have affordable fun!

We are always on the lookout for our next great adventure, so if you have a place you’d like my family to test drive for you, send me an email! If you have questions, need suggestions or advice, I’d love to hear from you, too.

Happy Camping,


Cat and baby M at Superstition Mountains